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     Marianne Goudswaard

* Onze means eleven in French, an onzain is a poem in eleven lines. In 1983 drs. P introduced the onzijn In the Netherlands.

Eleven is called the crazy number in the Netherlands because it only divides by itself, and 11 is between the perfect number 10 and the sacred number 12. Eleven is the odd one. 11 stands for what's different and not perfect. In Japan, this is called the elusive beauty of imperfection. On the border between beautiful and ugly, the frayed edges, that's where images become interesting.
ONZIJN is a collection of art with photos, drawings, and 3-dimensional and digital work made in a series of 11. Imperfection and vulnerability have a central role in all work. No fixed idea or image is created in advance. Work comes about intuitively and in reaction to former pieces or photos. To emphasize fragility, thin silk tissue paper and eggshells are used. Paper is crumpled into a wad - unfolded - it forms the imperfect base for the black or white ink. Patterns you find everywhere in nature arise almost spontaneously. It's fascinating to spot these patterns in river deltas, mountain ranges, air currents, coastal strips, countless flowers, plants, trees, and even in tissues in our bodies. Why do these patterns pop up everywhere? This question is researched visually in drawings and 3D work. My work is an invitation to think about these intriguing patterns in nature. What do they mean or show?

The process of drawing and creating patterns is relaxing and almost meditative. To have no clear-cut idea in advance creates rest and space, which gives enormous creative freedom.

Left to right: Nothing I Neuron I Cortex I Purkinje

black and white ink on tissue paper.

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